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Le collectif

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Les originesThe Local Bird

Alexandra, La fondatrice Alexandra, La fondatrice
Alexandra, La fondatrice

Fraîchement arrivée à Annecy il y a 4 ans, Alexandra cherche à découvrir le vrai visage de la ville au delà de la jolie carte postale. De rencontre en rencontre, elle écoute les commerçants lui dire combien leur chère Annecy a changé et évolué.

Petit à petit, l’idée de créer un collectif de locaux passionnés avec qui découvrir et vivre des expériences authentiques commençait à germer dans son esprit. 2016, le collectif The Local Bird voit le jour réunissant 30 « insiders » des locaux dotés d’un talent ou d’une passion dans la gastronomie, le sport, le bien-être ou les arts.

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Les quoi ?Les insiders

Priscille, is a woman of good taste! Whether she’s traveling through India, Vietnam or Thailand to search for fabrics, she always comes back to her pop boutique Dupont Dupont Store in Annecy. She shares the shop with fellow treasure hunter, Kateline, whose jewelry, accessories and decorative objects are 100% French. Priscille, a stylist with a style all her own, created Hysteriko in 2014 and makes unique pieces in the atelier in the back of her shop. This passionate design and sewing expert has so much to share!

Priscille Portigliatti 196 En savoir plus
Priscille Portigliatti Creator and designer of the French brand HYSTERIKO En savoir plus

Born in Thonon between the lake and the mountains, Stéphane chose early on to dive to the depths of Lake Léman rather than climb to the heights of Chabalais peaks. The runner-up world free diving champion, our very own Jean-Marc Barre and a true merman now lives near Lake Annecy. Stéphane not only practices and masters mindfulness, mediation and exploration, he also loves to share his insights with those who are curious about pushing the limits of what they can do.

Stéphane Tourreau 245 En savoir plus
Stéphane Tourreau Freediver / Runner-up, World Champion 1 event En savoir plus

Jean-Hugues is a true haut-savoyard. He loves the land, high-quality products and enjoys nature. Trained as a Sommelier at the Haute Ecole de Viticulture and in Oenologie at Changins in Switzerland, Jean-Hugues selects wine from small independent producers who cultivate in an organic, sustainable and responsible way.

Jean-Hugues Recour aka Jano 246 En savoir plus
Jean-Hugues Recour aka Jano Sommelier / Wine sepcialist En savoir plus

Self-taught and self made, this chef is passionate about all things cuisine. She was discovered three years ago when she hosted Annecy’s very first pop-up brunch in her living-room. Today, as head chef of Le Poulailler restaurant, Marion creates a generous, healthy and gourmet menu with a focus on fresh and local products

Marion Gaignard 247 En savoir plus
Marion Gaignard Inspired chef 1 event En savoir plus

This hyperactive chef produces fine, inventive and modern cuisine. We love his atypical career. He began as a graphic designer, until one day, after being a cast member on Masterchef Season 3, he had a revelation: he decided to become a chef. Cédric shares his recipes and his passion during cooking classes and also through various local media with his gourmet columns.

Cédric Mouthon 248 En savoir plus
Cédric Mouthon Chef and Masterchef Season 3 cast member 1 event En savoir plus

The Gay family has been artisan cheese makers for four generations.

Pierre Gay, a well-known figure among locals, was even awarded for his know-how with the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011. In his cellar, Pierre ages cheeses from the French land: Tomme des Bauges, Persillé de Tignes, Beaufort d’alpage, Reblochon des Aravis.

Pierre Gay 665 En savoir plus
Pierre Gay Cheesemonger / France Best Artisan 1 event En savoir plus


Si vous êtes un(e) local(e) dôté(e) d’un super pouvoir, d’un talent ou d’une passion et que vous êtes prêts à la partager avec enthousiasme, dites-nous en plus sur vous à l’adresse suivante : hello@thelocalbird.com

At the age of 14, Alain Michel learned the craft of artisan cheese monger from his father, who learned from his father. Three generations later, it’s Alain who safeguards this artisanal heritage and secretly preserves the only remaining natural cheese cellar in Annecy. The quality of his cheeses is matched only by his friendly demeanour and the joy he feels as he shares his passion and his family’s history with the curious among you.

Alain Michel 666 En savoir plus
Alain Michel Cheesemonger 1 event En savoir plus

The AG2R team, one of the best French teams, is also Savoyard! The truly exceptional Chambérienne team, led by Romain Bardet, winner of the stage of the 2017 Tour de France was founded on family values in 1992 by Vincent Lavenu. Today, the professional runner turned athletic director still works side by side with his family.

AG2R La Mondiale Pro Cycling Team 672 En savoir plus
AG2R La Mondiale Pro Cycling Team Pro Road Racers En savoir plus

Bernard Vissoud is one of those tireless enthusiasts and we love listening to him discuss his three favorite subjects: vineyards, wine and mountains. He is one of the pioneers of “wine tourism” in the Savoie region and with his atypical profile, a mountain guide trained in oenology, Bernard always has a story to tell. Whatever you do, don’t tell him that Savoie doesn’t make good wine! His response? Savoie is the unknown land of great wines with 25 unique grape varieties.

Bernard Vissoud 678 En savoir plus
Bernard Vissoud Oenologist / Mountain leader En savoir plus

The De Certeau family inherited this magnificent and mysterious private castle that we have all come to know as Château de Duingt. Its real name is Châteauvieux. Hugues, our insider and host, is a lawyer by trade and in parallel, he launched an initiative to promote local heritage and open the doors to the castle — only for special occasions out of respect for this fragile place.

Hugues De Certeau 679 En savoir plus
Hugues De Certeau Castle owner 1 event En savoir plus
Mystery insider 680 En savoir plus
Mystery insider secretive 1 event En savoir plus


Si vous êtes un(e) local(e) dôté(e) d’un super pouvoir, d’un talent ou d’une passion et que vous êtes prêts à la partager avec enthousiasme, dites-nous en plus sur vous à l’adresse suivante : hello@thelocalbird.com


Alain Michel

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Equipe Duodecim

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